Making A Difference in K-12 Education

Making A Difference in K-12 Education!
Upcoming Events for Professional Development            
Teaching What Works! Learning By Design, Inc. is an Illinois State Board of Education Approved Provider #11031812233196. We offer professional development credits accepted by ASHA and most other agencies.

upcoming events 
Morning Coffee Chat PD with Drs. Kenn, Jan, and Julie

Live, interactive webinar series
Mondays 8:00-8:30 am Central Time
June 17, July 1, July 29, August 19, 2013

Fee: $100

This summer, we’ll be hosting a series of live, online professional development sessions. In these online sessions, you’re invited to join our team of language and literacy experts for a morning “coffee” chat to engage in dialogue on a particular problem one of your students’ is experiencing and to exchange ideas about how best to work with the student and problem presented for case study (if you prefer, you may quietly “sip” and listen).

 upcoming events                upcoming events              upcoming events
 Dr. Kenn Apel               Dr. Jan Wasowicz         Dr. Julie Masterson

Who should attend: In
structors of all grade levels and all student populations will benefit from this workshop.

Key benefits of attending:

  1. Benefit from multiple perspectives on how to address student learning issues: participants are from different levels of teaching experience and a variety of different disciplines
  2. Put theory and research into practice leave with ideas you can immediately use with your students
  3. Gain insights into dynamic assessment of student learning — and about your own teaching practice
  4. Hone your problem-solving skills not just by listening but by participating and flexing your critical thinking muscle with a specific student learning problem 

This is a great opportunity for K-12 educators to talk with each other about best practices for language and literacy, focused around a specific word study teaching concern.  These sessions are highly collaborative and reflective in nature and will help to create a professional learning community of educators who can look to each other for input and inspiration and in the process hone their problem-solving skills to enhance the teaching-learning process with their students.

Register and submit a question in advance about a particular student with a specific word study problem – from phonological awareness to orthography, vocabulary, and morphology, to storing and retrieving mental images of words in long term memory; encoding or decoding; skill development or application. Our panel will then select one question (per session) that we feel is of general interest to all of our participants. 

Tap into the experience and knowledge of our panel of language and literacy experts with your questions about the selected case study.  We’ll then open the floor for you, giving you a chance to share your insights, ideas and possible alternate approaches. Participants whose questions were not selected for case study will still have a chance ask their own questions related to the topic of the session.  

For those of you already familiar with this clinical model of professional development, you’ll recognize our nod to the medical rounds model of training that doctors and their interns participate in (ours with a much catchier title)!

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We are approved by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to offer CPDUs.

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