Making A Difference in K-12 Education

Making A Difference in K-12 Education!

Your Involvement at Home - It Makes a Difference!      

Your role as a parent is a pivotal one in helping your child achieve success in spelling, reading, and writing at school. If your school is already using SPELL/SPELL-Links, be assured that your child is receiving a solid, proven-effective word study curriculum based on current best practices for spelling and reading.

Still, your partnership and involvement at home plays a critical role in your child's reading, spelling, and writing success at school. That's why we provide you with additional materials, tools, and resources to reinforce and enhance at home the critical knowledge, skills, and strategies your child is learning at school.

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Helpful Tips for ALL Parents
Whether or not your child is receiving SPELL/SPELL-Links instruction at school, here are some tips that will help set your child on the path to word study success!

Ten Things Parents Can Do To Help With Spelling

Ten Things Parents Can Do To Help With Reading

If SPELL/SPELL-Links is not yet being used at your child's school
, your involvement at home is even more critical for building the essential skills and strategies needed for literacy and life-long success.

Begin with a professional
at-home test that your child completes on your home computer to identify your child's strengths and specific instructional needs. Armed with an understanding of exactly why your child is struggling with reading and spelling and what you can do to help, share the results of this professional assessment with your child's teachers and use our engaging word study materials at home to help your child to succeed at school. 

 Need more help?
Locate a qualified spelling tutor/reading tutor to work with your child.