Making A Difference in K-12 Education

Making A Difference in K-12 Education!

SPELL-2, SPELL-2g Spelling Assessment Software          

spelling assessment software

The SPELL–2 analysis is amazing!
It's a prescriptive tool that goes beyond percentile rank and grade equivalency score. Scoring and analyzing spelling performance by hand is so incredibly time consuming and often incomplete and too subjective. SPELL–2 does all the work for you and takes the guess work out of where to begin word study instruction."
Sherry Grobe, Reading Consultant, IL

SPELL-2 Spelling Performance Evaluation for Language & Literacy
Assessment software on CD                                                     
Administration: administered by computer with minimal supervision required
Response: keyboard entry (option for students to write responses on paper) and mouse click 
Completion time: 30-60 minutes
Ages/Grades: Grade 2 - Adult

With SPELL-2, you will obtain a deep, highly-sensitive, and valid measure of a student’s word study knowledge and skills. The assessment software automatically and seamlessly adapts to a student’s responses, presenting test items that are uniquely tailored for the individual student. With SPELL-2's powerful spelling error analysis and individualized assessment methods, you can detect oral and written language deficits often missed by other assessments.

Use SPELL-2 to support your general eligibility assessments and to guide instruction. SPELL-2 will identify the underlying language processes that are interfering with a student's reading and spelling. SPELL-2 doesn't stop there. The software will automatically link the assessment data to specific word study activities by listing the corresponding lesson number and activities in the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing word study curriculum for each instructional goal identified for the student. 

Skill areas assessed:

  • Phonological awareness, including phoneme and syllable segmentation, and vowel discrimination
  • Orthographic knowledge, including letter-sound relationships, letter patterns and spelling rules
  • Morphological knowledge, including letter-meaning relationships of prefixes, suffixes, and word roots
  • Semantic relationships, including relationships between base words, inflected words, and derived words
  • Mental orthographic images of words and word parts stored in long-term memory

SPELL-2 does all the testing work for you so you can devote more of your valuable time to teaching. Administration, scoring, interpreting data, writing reports, and planning intervention - it's all done for you! A complete set of written reports, providing detailed and summarized test results and specific recommendations for spelling and word study instruction, is available to you at the very moment the student completes the test.*

SPELL – 2 Results Report
The Results report provides performance data across 60 categories and tells you which areas the student has yet to master. Re-administer SPELL-2 each year to document annual progress or as needed to identify new goals and activities.

SPELL – 2 Recommendations Report
The Recommendations report goes one step further, providing detailed performance data, identifying the underlying language processes that are deficient, and linking the assessment data to specific lessons and activities. With the Recommendations report in hand, you have an individualized word study intervention plan - a road map of the quickest route to reading and spelling success for that student. Devote your instructional time only where needed; achieve faster results.

SPELL – 2 Letter to Teachers
The Letter to Teachers provides a valuable snapshot of individual student needs. Use the Letter to Teachers to quickly share a student's word study profile with classroom and other teachers to coordinate services.

SPELL – 2 Letter to Parents
The Letter to Parents provides a useful summary of test results and brief description of individual student needs. Use the Letter to Parents to easily share information and progress with parents.

Students Grouped by Spelling Pattern**
Students are instantly organized into instructional groups based on which spelling patterns they need to learn.

Students Grouped by Word Study Skill**
Students are instantly organized into instructional groups based on which word study skills they need to learn.

* Reports are instantly available when using the version of SPELL–2 or SPELL–2g with unlimited test administrations. Reports are delivered via email when using the Pay-Per-Testing version.
** Grouping reports available only with SPELL–2g.

Download the complete SPELL-2 Examiner's Manual

Price for unlimited test administrations: $445 SPELL-2; $645 SPELL-2g

Lab Packs & Pay-Per-Testing versions available.
 spelling assessment software

Minimum System Requirements:
For Windows: 2000/XP/7/8 (XP and higher recommended), Pentium II, 233 MHz or higher, 64 MB RAM, (128 MB recommended), 10 MB free hard disk space, 16-bit color monitor, Windows, compatible sound card, 4x CD-ROM drive. For Mac: OSX or higher*, Power PC 250 Mhz processor or higher (G3 recommended), 24, MB available memory (32 MB recommended), 10 MB free hard disk space, 16-bit color monitor, 4x CD-ROM drive ***At this time, SPELL-2 is not compatible with Lion OS; Work-around is available***

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