Making A Difference in K-12 Education

Making A Difference in K-12 Education!

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing                                  

spell links curriculum
2nd Edition - released Fall 2012

"Your products have given me such a useful framework for addressing spelling and reading problems. SPELL and SPELL-Links go to the core of what students are lacking, and focus my teaching on the specific areas that require remediation. I've seen significant gains in my students' written language! I am truly convinced that your model should be adopted more widely by those 'reading experts' who write curriculum and by all of the many specialists that work with struggling students."

Susan Grama
Speech-Language Pathologist & Educational Therapist
Northridge, CA

spell links curriculum

SPELL–Links to Reading & Writing
A complete K-12 word study curriculum (printed materials w/ reproducibles on CD)
Audience: K - Adult

spell links curriculum

Go beyond traditional word study programs to get your students thinking about, talking about, synthesizing and applying their knowledge of the sounds, letters, and meanings of words to read and write accurately and fluently.

SPELL-Links uses the connectionist word study model based on the most current research, including brain-imaging studies, to develop neural pathways and “functional connectivity” of the regions of the brain involved in effective reading and writing.

With Common Core State Standards,
your students are now expected to perform with higher levels of cognition and application in reading, language arts, listening, and speaking. With SPELL-Links, you give your students a venue to talk about and think about the linguistic properties of words, gain cognitive flexibility with multiple linguistic strategies for spelling and decoding, and practice and evaluate their application of word study knowledge and skills in a realistic, active, and social setting. SPELL-Links helps you ensure that your students have the core skills, linguistic understandings, and strategies needed for literacy and academic success.

SPELL-Links' unique multi-linguistic approach will help you implement current best practices for developing functional connectivity of multiple linguistic processes - phonological, orthographic, semantic, morphological, and storage and retrieval of words in long term memory - within word study instruction to improve both reading and writing skills.

With SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing’s research-based and proven effective approach, your students will develop proficiency in:

  Phonological awareness
 Orthographic knowledge
 Morphological knowledge
 Knowledge of semantic relationships
Mental orthographic images
Reading fluency

Also unique is the meta-linguistic approach of SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing. Your students will learn to think about and talk about the linguistic properties of words and develop practical strategies for application of their linguistic knowledge. The result: students successfully transfer their word study knowledge and skills to authentic reading and writing.

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing is focused yet flexible. Each of the 73 lessons in the K-12 curriculum features several 15- to 25-minute activities for word study instruction at the word level and for application of word study knowledge, skills, and strategies in a variety of authentic reading and writing tasks – from words to sentences and short stories.

Use SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing to:

  • Align instruction with Common Core and state standards for language arts, reading, speaking, and listening
  • Integrate spelling, reading, and writing instruction and facilitate word study across the curriculum
  • Combine phonemic instruction for regular words, morphemic instruction for word parts and derived words, and whole word instruction for irregular (sight) words
  • Provide systematic practice for application of word study knowledge, skills, and strategies using the carefully constructed word lists and pattern-loaded reading and writing materials, including engaging short stories for each spelling pattern
  • Closely monitor student progress using decoding and spelling mastery measures and other progress monitoring tools included
  • Promote success with home-school connections; Each activity in the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing curriculum has a corresponding Home Link activity that you can send home with the student, email directly to parents, or post on your school, class, or clinic website
  • Meet all criteria set forth by the federally-funded Center on Instruction for a thorough and effective spelling/word study curriculum

Before beginning SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing with struggling students, use the SPELL-2 assessment software to pinpoint specific deficits so that you can devote instructional time only where needed - and give students the opportunity to master core skills, concepts, and processes.

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing meets and exceeds the recommendations of the International Dyslexia Association for reading intervention with dyslexic and other struggling readers and writers.

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing is a spiral-bound curriculum (3-volume set) with teacher and student materials. It includes a program overview; 300+ step-by-step activities for one-on-one, small group, and whole classroom instruction, each with a cross-curriculum extension activity; teacher observation and student self-assessment checklists, scope and sequence charts, word lists and annotated student journal pages.

The word curriculum also includes a companion CD-ROM with reproducible student materials, pattern-loaded reading and writing materials, progress monitoring tools, and timesaving teacher resources including student word study journal pages, lesson-planning worksheets, word lists formatted for printing on 2 x 3½ word cards, Home Link activity pages for home practice, decoding and spelling mastery measures, and progress monitoring charts for teachers and for students.
Additionally included is a 14 Strategies for Spelling Success mouse pad, 1120 strategy stickers, and a set of letter manipulatives.

Price: $349

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