Making A Difference in K-12 Education

Making A Difference in K-12 Education!

Teaching What Works! Professional Development Services     

teaching what works

As educators, you find yourselves in a dynamic and demanding profession. Increased emphasis on common core state standards, standardized test results, multi-tiered instruction, diverse student populations, burgeoning class and caseload size, and today’s economic climate are just a few of the formidable challenges you face in providing your students with the necessary tools for success.

We're here to help. Teaching What Works! partners with school districts, administrators, classroom teachers, and specialists just like you to equip you with essential knowledge and effective methods for word study skills assessment, instruction, and progress monitoring. 

teaching what works Become more effective in teaching reading, spelling, and vocabulary when you enroll in one of our popular professional development modules and develop your essential knowledge and skill in the core components of language.

teaching what works

Dr. Jan Wasowicz, certified SLP, guides teachers through the core language components of reading and spelling.

 Create the learning environment needed to accomplish your literacy goals and quickly put the proven-effective SPELL/SPELL-Links word study solution to work for you and for your students with our hands-on product implementation workshops.

 Solve obstacles unique to your students and your setting. Our SPELL/SPELL-Links authors and effective practice experts come to you with our on-going coaching and consultation support services.

We are approved by the Illinois State Board of Education to offer CPDUs.

We also offer Certification Maintenance Hours (CMHs) which are accepted by many organizations, including ASHA, for continuing education. Learn more about ASHA acceptance of CMHs. Download ASHA's Record Keeping Form for Certification Maintenance Hours.

Questions about our professional development services? We're here to help.