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Reading and writing success begins with word study – a structured, systematic way of learning, practicing, and applying knowledge of sounds, letters, and word meanings to read and spell. With word study all students, including those with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dysgraphia, gain skills and confidence. SPELL-Links uniquely combines speech-to-print, multi-linguistic, and meta-linguistic word study methods, equipping you to deliver structured literacy instruction that produces strong writers and fluent readers with deep comprehension and rich vocabularies.

Dr. Louisa Moats:

"SPELL-Links assessment (SPELL, SPELL-2) will direct teachers toward...aspects of language and encourage the use of more enlightened instructional practices that truly educate students in word studyI am pleased to be among the first to appreciate the excellent work that has gone into this product and I applaud the authors’ achievement." 

Foreword, SPELL Examiner Manual

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Connect with educators and researchers across multiple disciplines via SPELLTalk, the FREE online professional discussion group dedicated to improving literacy through discussion of research and evidence-based best practices.

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Understand why your child is struggling with reading and writing and how to get the results your child can feel good about.

Maximize student outcomes with SPELL-Links’ proven word study methods for speech-to-print structured literacy instruction.

Improve outcomes with an integrated structured literacy solution, from assessment to intervention; all tiers, all grades.