Adria Leno MS CCC-SLP

Certified SPELL-Links Provider

Our Featured Certification Mentor

Chicago, IL

OUR FEATURED certified providers

  • Anne Whitney EdD, CCC-SLP, Boulder, CO
  • Adria Leno MS, CCC-SLP, Chicago, IL
  • Jan Wasowicz PhD, CCC-SLP, Evanston, IL
  • Jenny Thorsen MS, CCC-SLP, St. Charles, IL
  • Julie Masterson PhD, CCC-SLP, Springfield, MO
  • Kenn Apel PhD, CCC-SLP, Columbia, SC
  • Ellen Engstrom, MA, Edina, MN (Certification in progress)
  • Julie Current MS, CCC-SLP, Hudson, IL​  (Certification in progress)
  • Kari Rambo MNS, CCC-SLP, Goodyear, AZ (Certification in progress)
  • Katharine Campbell MEd, Wayzata, MN (Certification in progress)​​​
  • Kim Zoubek CCC-SLP, Boulder, CO (Certification in progress)
  • Nicole Power MS, MEd, CCC-SLP, Edmond, OK (Certification in progress)​


You'll notice that most of our certified SPELL-Links providers are licensed, certified speech-language pathologists (SLPs). That's because SLPs have extensive academic expertise and clinical training that makes them uniquely qualified to ensure that your child receives the in-depth assessment and multi-faceted instruction needed to become a successful readers writer, and speller.

Because of national certification and state licensing requirements, SLPs are the only professionals who are qualified to assess and treat the spoken language problems that often co-exist for many children with reading, writing, and spelling problems.


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