clinic solutionS

SPELL-Links offers affordable options that meet the needs of your independent private practice or clinic group. 

Students in your practice are not responding well to instruction at school. As the professional expert, parents are counting on you to make a difference. SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing is the road to results and we're here to support you along the way.

SPELL-Links’ revolutionary curriculum leverages the brain's innate wiring through a speech-to-print structured literacy model. It helps students connect letters to the sounds they speak, improve skill and automaticity with written and oral language, and learn to think about their thinking. These research-supported differences in our approach can have a significant impact on students' rate of learning to read, write, and spell.

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clinic solutions:

affordable options that produce results.

do more in less time.

Do more, accomplish more, and meet the needs of diverse students across grade levels using a comprehensive and integrated speech-to-print, multi-linguistic, meta-linguistic word study approach. Many students, one easily tailored word study solution. 

working together with you to accomplish more and make a greater difference.

school solutions

Whether in the classroom or resource room, small group, or 1:1, there is a flexible SPELL-Links implementation option for you

You have limited time and resources. You're providing instruction but not seeing the improvement you need to achieve. It's time for change, and SPELL-Links is there to help you and your students all the way.

SPELL-Links is not a "one size fits most" program; each student receives only the instruction he or she needs. The research-supported differences in SPELL-Links' structured literacy approach can have a significant impact on how efficiently students learn to read, write, and spell.

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SCHOOL solutions: 

classroom or resource room, small group, or 1:1