spell-Links keyword picture cards

Teacher materials

Keyword picture cards include 1 set of small and 1 set of large (sold as combined sets). Each card has a picture representing one of the English phonemes on front and the large cards list all the allowable spellings (phoneme-grapheme correspondences) on the back.​ 

spell-links class links FOR CLASSROOMS

Word study activities 
for K-1 classrooms

Class Links' step-by-step, scripted activities make it easy to deliver comprehensive and effective Tier 1 classroom instruction that improves word study knowledge, skills, and strategies; decoding and reading fluency; vocabulary, comprehension, and writing; and helps you to identify students who require more intensive (Tier 2 & Tier 3) instruction.

state approval 

             Colorado Department of Education 

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 Professional Development

If you are aware of similar lists or processes for inclusion within your own state, please let us know!​

"Across all written languages, reading development involves: a rearrangement of older structures to make new learning circuits; a capacity for specialization in working groups of neurons within these structures for representing information; and automaticity — the capacity of these neuronal groups and learning circuits to retrieve and connect this information at nearly automatic rates."

~ Dr. Maryanne Wolf, Proust and the Squid

word study resource

Dry-erasable activities and resources 

A favorite with K-12 students and their teachers! This colorful, interactive resource book provides plenty of incentive for students practice their word study skills and reinforce their word study knowledge and strategies in school or at home. You'll love how easy it is to quickly transform misspelled words into teachable moments using the dry-erasable worksheets and other resources!

Word List Maker

Software tool for teachers

Instantly search a 50,000 word database to create custom word lists and word cards. All educators love this valuable, time-saving resource that lets you quickly and instantly create word lists and word cards for any structured literacy or spoken language activity! ​ 


Teaching resource 

SPELL-Links Strategies by the Numbers features in-depth descriptions of SPELL-Links’ 14 strategies for spelling and reading success, step-by-step instructions on how to teach the strategies during writing and reading activities, and helpful ideas for supporting students as they learn.

spell-links to reading
& writing ​

K-12 structured literacy word study curriculum

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing enables K-12 students to make sense of the sound structure of English words, systematically teaches them how to connect sounds, letter patterns, and meanings to read and spell words, and explicitly shows them how to apply their word study knowledge to everyday reading and writing. Aligned with Common Core Standards for speaking, listening, reading, language, and writing.


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leverage oral language. 

Why SPELL-Links? The human brain is biologically wired for spoken language, not for reading and writing. SPELL-LinksTM uses a speech-to-print approach and organizes literacy instruction based on the brain's innate, biological wiring and organization for spoken language. SPELL-Links instruction works the way the brain works, first helping students to learn how to attend to the sound structure of spoken English words and then how to connect and combine sounds, letter patterns, and meanings to read and spell words.

build the brain.

As each of us learns to read and write, the brain must rearrange itself, leveraging the innate oral language centers of the brain and forming new neural connections to read and write effectively. SPELL-Links uses the Connectionist Word Study model based on the most current research, including brain-imaging studies. The SPELL-Links program leverages the brain's biological wiring for oral language and helps students develop neural pathways and “functional connectivity” of the regions of the brain involved in effective reading and writing.


building the brain FOR reading, writing, and spelling.

connectionist word study approach creates efficient processes and pathways.

Use SPELL-Links to leverage the biological wiring of the brain, provide structured literacy instruction that develops functional connectivity among multiple regions of the brain, and build meta-cognitive skills for effective reading and writing. See results!

build the brain to improve your students' reading, writing, and spelling.