SPELL-Links Keyword Picture Cards​
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Integrate phoneme awareness, semantics, and orthographic awareness with these engaging and carefully designed keyword picture cards.

Use the sets of large and small cards in endless ways during games, stations, and direct instruction. Help students strengthen and leverage their oral language skills to learn the allowable grapheme representations for English phonemes.

Each card has a picture representing one of the English phonemes on the front. All the allowable orthographic patterns for that sound are listed on the back side of the large cards. All phoneme-grapheme correspondences organized in one place. How easy is that?

Skills & content:

• Phonological awareness • Phoneme-grapheme correspondences • Semantics • Spelling • Decoding


All K-12 students.

PRODUCT details: 

Format: 40 small (1 3/8 x 2) and 40 large (3 x 4 2/8) cards color printed on coated card stock.

All the phonemes. All the allowable spellings. All in one place.

80 Cards, unlimited uses 

There's no limit to the number of activities you'll be able to teach with these colorful manipulatives that show students all the allowable spellings for each phoneme. Watch our video for just a few ideas and you'll be inspired!

SPELL-Links Keyword

Picture Cards