... And so is spell-links.

Unlike traditional phonics and word study programs which begin with the written letter and teach the student to match the letter to a sound, SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing puts spoken language first. SPELL-Links uses a speech-to-print word study approach to leverage the brain's innate, biological wiring and organization for oral language. With SPELL-Links, students first learn how to attend to the sound structure of spoken English words and then how to connect and combine sounds, letter patterns, and meanings to read and spell words. This is exactly how the brain works in good readers and writers! 

We don't stop there. If we expect students to apply their understanding of the sounds, letters, and meanings of words - their multi-linguistic knowledge and skills - to everyday reading and writing, then we must show them how to make this happen. With SPELL-Links, students learn meta-linguistic strategies and develop the executive function skills that empower students to apply their word study knowledge and skills in order to successfully and independently read, write, and spell every day - not just during the classroom lesson or on the weekly test.    

Why SPELL-Links? Watch our video.

Frequently Asked Questions about SPELL-Links SOS for Scholars

Q. Are the activities featured in SPELL-Links SOS for Scholars appropriate for my students?

A.  All students - and all educators - can benefit from the instructional methods and activities featured in SPELL-Links SOS for Scholars. SPELL-Links SOS for Scholars is appropriate for ALL educators and especially for educators who work with struggling readers, reluctant writers and those with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Q. Do I need to own/be using SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing materials in order to benefit from SPELL-Links SOS for Scholars?

A. All educators will benefit from the SPELL-Links SOS for Scholars online classes. You do not need to use, own, or purchase SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing materials to benefit from SPELL-Links SOS for Scholars.

Q. Can I audit SPELL-Links SOS for Scholars?

A.  No, paid registration is required to attend SPELL-Links SOS for Scholars online classes, whether live or recorded.

SPELL-Links SOS for Scholars is appropriate for ALL educators and especially for educators who work with struggling readers, reluctant writers and those with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. 

​​SPELL-Links SOS for Scholars is convenient, affordable online training with SPELL-Links author Dr. Jan Wasowicz. Hone your instructional practices, deliver SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing with increased fidelity, and maximize your students' progress in reading and writing!

Be a Word Study Whiz!

  •  Observe live demonstrations and role-play word study activities led by SPELL-Links author Dr. Jan Wasowicz.
  • Learn teaching tips and problem-solving strategies that Dr. Wasowicz uses with her own students; ask questions, get answers, share ideas.
  •  Know how to modify word lists and other features of each activity to match student level.
  • Understand the "why we do what we do" in SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing instruction
  • Be inspired with new, creative twists on SPELL-Links word study activities.​
  • Earn professional development hours.
  • Immediately put these methods and activities into action  with your students,no matter which word study program you are using!


You don't need to be using SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing to benefit from SPELL-Links SOS for Scholars. The activities and instructional methods featured in SOS for Scholars can be layered into whichever program you're using. We'll provide everything you need to benefit from the SOS for Scholar webinar series. If you're already using the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing word study curriculum, you will take your skill and confidence with SPELL-Links activities to a more advanced level and discover some "hidden treasures" of the curriculum materials.

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Short Vowels;
Short Vowel e Sound

Multi-Syllabic Words;

Unstressed Vowels

Derivational Morphemes;

Word Roots

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Register TODAY for SPELL-Links SOS Scholar Online Support (RECORDED)

During each SPELL-Links SOS Scholar Online Support class, you will observe one or more instructional activities led by SPELL/SPELL-Links author Dr. Jan Wasowicz to enhance your skill with delivering speech-to-print connectionist word study instruction.

What's included? When you enroll in SPELL-Links SOS, you receive grade-level word lists, worksheet templates, a word study journal page, pattern-loaded reading and writing materials, five hours of CMH/CEU credits, and access to webinars for     30 days from date of purchase.

building the brain -
the five block connectionist model.

The multi-linguistic and meta-linguistic word study instruction featured in SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing is based on the current reading science research, including brain-imaging studies, and Connectionist Word Study approach to teaching reading and writing. This approach "builds" the reading and writing brain with instructional methods and activities that develop, connect, and integrate the different processes and regions of the brain involved in effective reading and writing. With SPELL-Links, not only do students develop specialized knowledge and skill in the five language blocks of word study - phonological awareness, orthographic knowledge, semantics, morphological knowledge, and mental orthographic images - they study the language structure of words within a Connectionist Word Study framework that establishes and strengthens functional connectivity within the brain, the connectivity needed for efficient reading and writing.