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Intervention Bundle (Extended)

Product Code: T3SPED_B.x
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SPELL-2 download with unlimited testing (SPELL-2) bundled with SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing™ curriculum (LNX2), SPELL-Links Word Study Resource™ (LNX_WSR), SPELL-Links Word List Maker™ software (LNX_WLM), SPELL-Links Keyword Picture Cards​™ & Gallery (LNX_KWPC), and 10 extra SPELL-Links 14 Strategies for Spelling & Reading Success Labels (LNX_MPLBS)


SPELL-2 PPT2 pay-per-testing assessment flash drive to assess two students; $100 credit included for upgrade to SPELL-2 product with unlimited test administrations within one year; Examiner's Manual (PDF) included.
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SPELL-2 software download for a single computer with unlimited test administrations; Examiner's Manual (PDF) included.
Product Code: SPELL-2
Price: $445

SPELL-2g software download for a single computer with unlimited test administrations and grouping tool; SPELL-2g automatically groups students by instructional need; Examiner's Manual (PDF) included.

Product Code: SPELL-2g
Price: $645  

SPELL-2 LB5 software download for four computers with unlimited test administrations; Examiner's Manual (PDF) included; one software download for student grouping also included.
Product Code: SPELL-2g LB5
Price: $2105

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research & results 

             Criterion validity of SPELL

             ASHA, 2006

SPELL-2 does all the testing work for you so you can devote more of your valuable time to teaching. Administration, scoring, data interpretation, written reports, targeted intervention plans —and with SPELL2g, student grouping by instructional needs — it's all done for you!

Assessed skill areas

Phonological awareness, including phoneme and syllable segmentation, and vowel discrimination • Orthographic knowledge, including letter-sound relationships, letter patterns and spelling rules • Morphological knowledge, including letter-meaning relationships of prefixes, suffixes, and word roots • Semantic relationships, including relationships between base words, inflected words, and derived words • Mental orthographic images of words and word parts stored in long-term memory.

Detect oral and written language deficits often missed by other assessments. With SPELL-2, you obtain a deep, highly sensitive, and valid measure of a student’s word study knowledge and skills. The assessment software automatically and seamlessly adapts to a student’s responses, presenting test items that are uniquely tailored for the individual student. 

Link assessment to intervention and devote instructional time only where it’s needed. SPELL-2 identifies the underlying language processes that are interfering with successful reading and spelling and automatically links a student's assessment data to specific structured language instruction by listing the corresponding lesson number and word study activities in the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing - Word Study Curriculum applicable for each instructional goal.

targeted teaching

Scoring and analyzing spelling errors by hand is so incredibly time consuming, often incomplete and too subjective. SPELL-2 does all the work for you, pinpoints where to begin word study instruction, and prescribes exactly what to teach.                         


SPELL-2 is appropriate for all Grade 2+ students who are struggling with reading decoding, reading fluency, spelling, writing, and vocabulary. SPELL-2 is also for Tier 2 & Tier 3 students, special education students, speech-language impaired students, ELL students,
​Title I students, and students with dyslexia and dysgraphia.

PRODUCT details 

Format & Administration: Download software or access from flash drive; computer-administered assessment with minimal supervision required; Examiner's Manual (PDF) included. Response: keyboard entry (option for students to write responses on paper for keyboard entry by examiner) and mouse click. Completion time: 30-60 minutes. Ages/Grades: Grade 2 - Adult.

Minimum System Requirements: Select a product code to view exact requirements.​

*Not compatible with MAC OS; work-around options available; read website FAQs before purchasing. 


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Intervention Bundle (Starter)

Product Code: T3SPED_B.s

Price: $515 - SAVE $64

SPELL-2 pay-per-testing assessment flash drive with two administrations (SPELL-PPT2) bundled with SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing curriculum (LNX2),  SPELL-Links Keyword Picture Cards & Gallery (LNX_KWPC), and 10 extra SPELL-Links 14 Strategies for Spelling & Reading Success Labels (LNX_MPLBS)