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DotCom Therapy — The exclusive online provider of SPELL-Links literacy services.
Providing services without the barrier of location and travel by delivery of assessment and intervention via computer, tablet or smart phone.   

Simucase — Case by case. Improving Clinical Skills. Inspiring Confidence.
An innovative technology platform allowing users to assess, diagnose, and make recommendations for a library of clinical simulations encouraging critical thinking and facilitating inter-professional education in a no-risk learning environment. SPELL-Links partners with Simucase to bring SPELL-Links clinical training and practice to SLPs and other literacy professionals with the newly released

SPELL-Links SimuCase: Eleanor.


LEAP (Language Empowers All People) —​ A not-for-profit organization dedicated to research-driven language and literacy development in low income communities.
LEAP’s Beginning with Babble FREE mobile app for parents and caregivers is a perfect complement to SPELL-Links' speech-to-print word study curriculum.

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