research & results:  

              Outcomes Study

              SPELL-Links is more effective than

              traditional spelling instruction.

           Outcomes Study 
             SPELL-Links improves both encoding
             & decoding. 


SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing Word Study Curriculum (2nd Edition)
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SPELL-2 Assessment 

Great instruction and intervention begins with solid assessment. SPELL-2 assessment software (sold separately) pinpoints specific deficits and guides the instructional process.

SPELL-Links Word Study Resource

Engage students and see results. The colorful, dry erasable  SPELL-Links Word Study Resource book (sold separately) motivates and holds students attention for ample opportunity to reinforce, practice, and apply the knowledge, skills, and strategies they are learning as they progress through the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing word study curriculum.

SPELL-Links Word List Maker

Easily differentiate instruction within the same lesson activity. Instantly create word lists and word cards with SPELL-Links Word List Maker software (sold separately), making it quick and easy to supplement the Starter Word Lists in the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing word study curriculum with words matched precisely to your student's instructional level.

The systematic yet flexible format of SPELL-Links' structured literacy program allows you to teach only what a student needs to learn and provides tools and materials - including carefully constructed word lists, pattern-loaded reading and writing materials, and Home-Link activities - for systematic practice with application of word study knowledge, skills, and strategies.

SPELL-Links' multi-linguistic methods and activities ensure that students integrate multiple linguistic processes and develop "functional connectivity" for effective reading andwriting. The Connectionist Model of Word Study featured in SPELL-Links'is critical for developing neural pathways and building functional connectivity of the multiple processes and regions of the brain that comprise the reading and writing circuits.

SPELL-Links' meta-linguistic approach gives your students a venue to talk about and think about the linguistic properties of words, gain cognitive flexibility with multiple linguistic strategies for spelling and decoding, and practice and self-evaluate performance in a realistic, active, and social setting. Explicit instruction and practice with SPELL-Links' meta-linguistic word study strategies enables students to become independent readers and writers.

word study curriculum

Skills & content:

Rhyming • Segmenting syllables & phonemes • Vowel discrimination • Alphabetic principle • Letter-sound relationships • Letter patterns & spelling rules • Vocabulary knowledge • Syllable stress identification • Letter-meaning relationships (morphological knowledge)
• Semantic relationships • Storage and retrieval of mental orthographic images of words in long term memory • Spelling • Decoding • Reading fluency • Writing

Across all grade levels, SPELL-Links uses a five block model of instruction to functionally integrate phonological awareness, orthographic knowledge, semantics, morphological knowledge, and mental orthographic images. With SPELL-Links' speech to print approach, students learn to attend to the sound structure of English words and learn how to integrate sounds, letter patterns, and meanings to read and spell words. 

meet diverse student needs with one ADAPTABLE program. 

From beginning consonants to Latin and Greek word roots, from Tier 1 to SPED, SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing can be differentiated to meet individual learning needs for students at all grade levels and all levels of instruction.


All K-12 students: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Special Education, Title I, students who are Speech-Language Impaired, English Language Learners, from low-print, low-verbal homes, and students with Dyslexia. Designed for one-on-one and small group instruction; includes classroom adaptations for large group instruction and peer collaboration.

PRODUCT details: 

Format: Spiral-bound printed materials (3-volume set), 1 set plastic letter tiles, 1120 adhesive stickers, 10 peel & stick 4x5 strategy labels, and access to cloud library of reproducible materials.

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