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Awareness of base words, prefixes, and suffixes (morphological awareness) • Awareness of sounds in words (phonological awareness) • Letter patterns and spelling rules (orthographic knowledge)  •  Vocabulary • Spelling • Reading


"Reinforcement is great when you get 5 in a row.  Build on the Base is an awesome new game activity on SPELL-Links WordUP! that will be fun for the students".

"I like that Build on the Base has the timer option. I can see how it would be good for students to increase their speed of recognition of base words, prefixes and suffixes."

“SPELL-Links WordUP! automates an activity I’ve been doing by hand, find the base.”

“I love the Build on the Base game -  a new and fresh way to work on affixes.”


unlimited uses

SPELL-Links WordUP! is perfect for introducing or reinforcing new concepts; as an engaging warm-up activity and during breaks between other learning activities; as a supplement to classroom instruction; to deliver teacher-facilitated intervention; as practice in school or at home. View and share more ideas in our SPELL-Link'd forum.

SPELL-Links WordUP! can be used with any instructional curriculum. If using SPELL-Links WordUP! in conjunction with the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing™ curriculum, the Build on the Base! activity correlates directly with the Build on the Base! strategy.  SPELL-Links strategy #11 Build on the Base! develops morphological awareness of base words and early prefixes and suffixes, phonological awareness, and letter pattern and spelling rules for multi-morphemic words. Build on the Base! ​simultaneously strengthens vocabulary and mental orthographic images to improve reading fluency, reading comprehension, and spelling accuracy.


SPELL-Links WordUP! does not collect, track, or report student info and data. Read our Privacy Policy for full disclosure.


Compatible with Apple iPad running iOS 7.1 or later.


target audience

All K–12 students. SPELL-Links WordUP!™ is fun for everyone and ideal for students who need to improve their reading and spelling, and it’s perfect for English language learners. Use one-on-one, in small or large groups, and at independent work stations. Adjust settings and select words to support your student at the appropriate level.



$21.99 includes No Fouls! & Build on the Base!

​50% volume purchase discount for educational institutions* that purchase 20 or more copies.
*in US and other countries where discount option is available.

Challenge yourself to correctly identify the base word in five words in a row!

​​​On the Settings screen (shown above), select the type of words to be presented. You can also select the number of syllables, grade level, and familiarity of words to be presented. Turn the response timer on/off.

Receive feedback before moving to the next word.

Select the Build on the Base! activity to explore base words, early prefixes and suffixes, and letter pattern and spelling rules and to improve decoding, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and spelling. 

On the Play screen (shown above), read the displayed word out loud.

Touch the letters of the base part of the displayed word.

A combination of colorful graphics and engaging sound effects lets you know if your response was correct. Earn graphical rewards for correct responses.