Skills & content 

• Awareness of sounds in words (phonological awareness) • Letter-sound relationships (orthographic knowledge) • Spelling • Reading

On the Play screen (shown above), say the displayed word out loud and touch the letter or letters that spell the selected sound in that word.



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Receive feedback and correct mistakes before moving to the next word.


target audience

All K–12 students. SPELL-Links WordUP!™ is fun for everyone and ideal for students who need to improve their reading and spelling, and it’s perfect for English language learners. Use one-on-one, in small or large groups, and at independent work stations. Adjust settings and select words to support your student at the appropriate level.

Select the No Fouls! activity to explore all the sounds of spoken English, discover different ways each spoken sound is represented in printed words, and improve decoding skills, reading fluency, and spelling accuracy. 


“I love that the students really have to think in order to use the app.”

"Very easy to use and students love it." 

"WordUP! provides great practice with finding the letters that make the sounds."

"I used this app to complement a SPELL-Links lesson on the short vowel u sound and to review sounds previously taught last year. It was great to watch the students and I was quickly able to assess them."

"We use WordUP! as an 'electronic worksheet' for decoding practice."

"There are multiple exposures to specific orthographic features and the content could be tailored to specific targets - very easy to select. Additionally, I love the very straightforward graphics (not alot of "noise") which allowed for much more focus on targeted orthographic features than on winning a game."

"Great for in-school independent work."


Compatible with Apple iPad running iOS 7.1 or later.

Challenge yourself to correctly identify the letter or letters that spell the selected sound on five words in a row!

A combination of colorful graphics and engaging sound effects lets you know if your response was correct. Earn graphical rewards for correct responses.

​​​On the Settings screen (shown above), select and listen to any English sound, like the long vowel ‘e’ sound that you hear in "bee". You can also select the number of syllables, grade level, and familiarity of words to be presented.


unlimited uses

SPELL-Links WordUP! is perfect for introducing or reinforcing new concepts; as an engaging warm-up activity and during breaks between other learning activities; as a supplement to classroom instruction; to deliver teacher-facilitated intervention; as practice in school or at home. View and share more ideas in our SPELL-Link'd forum.

SPELL-Links WordUP! can be used with any instructional curriculum. If using SPELL-Links WordUP! in conjunction with the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing™ curriculum, the No Fouls! activity correlates directly with the No Fouls! strategy. SPELL-Links strategy #6 No Fouls! develops awareness of phoneme-grapheme correspondences and decoding skills and simultaneously strengthens phonological awareness, vocabulary, and mental orthographic images of words to improve reading fluency and spelling accuracy. 

View our demo to see how the SPELL-Links WordUP! No Fouls! activity improves students' reading, spelling, vocabulary, and oral language skills.